Tender Loving Hair

TenderLovingHair, a non-profit organization, seeks to provide services and support to patients through services volunteered by local stylists. We hope to provide education and awareness to stylists and volunteers about the treatment and recovery processes, and how their contributions are valuable. We aspire to become a model for other communities, passing our knowledge and experience on so that these services are available to a greater number of individuals. We wish to generate greater understanding and education within all communities. It is our hope to increase the support system available to all cancer patients.

TenderLovingHair was formed in 2006. For over twenty five years, Wendy Bevan, a hair stylist in Bellingham, WA, has provided complimentary services to cancer patients dealing with hair loss and wig design/care in Whatcom County, WA. TenderLovingHair was created as a result of the need for these services.




HAIR by Wendy  .  1106 Harris Avenue Suite 102  .  Bellingham, WA  98225  .  360 . 739 . 0122